Wax It Off For A Smooth Finish
Fuzz and Fancy Free

Want super smooth skin? Going on holiday and want to be hair free before you go; leaving you without the hassle of hair removal when you’re supposed to be having a relaxing time? We offer waxing all over the body, ensuring a long lasting and smooth finish.

Waxing For Men

Men, not a fan of all that hair? Get all those places that you really wish you didn’t have hair on waxed today and feel more confident about showing off your body. you will wish you had it done years ago.

Tame Those Brows

So you’ve got that body hair under control but what about those eyebrows? We offer eye treatments including eyebrow waxing, shaping and tinting to offer those finishing touches.


  • Lips / Chin – £5
  • Underarm – £10
  • Full Leg – £25
  • Half Leg – £20
  • Bikini – £12
  • Brazilian – £20
  • Hollywood – £25
  • Back – £20 – £30
  • Chest wax – £20 – £30
  • BS&C- £35 to £40

Get your skin glowing again
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