Spray Tanning

Get A Bit Of Colour Into Your Life
A Healthy Glow

We all feel better when our skin has a healthy glow. Get a bit of colour onto your skin the safe way. No harmful rays involved, just a safe spray tan to give you beautiful skin without the damage that the sun can cause.

No Orange Skin Here

So you’re going away on holiday and really want a spray tan but dread looking like you have orange skin? Don’t worry, at The Beauty Boutique we only work with recommended products so your skin will glow a healthy brown colour and you will look natural and fit right in on the beach.

Start To Glow

Any type of tanning looks best on skin that has been exfoliated and moisturised well beforehand. Have a look at our body treatment page and treat your skin to one of our luxurious treatments.

Suntana Spray Tans:  £10 / £15

Glow from the inside out with five different colours to choose from
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